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The effort to bring forth this terrible tragedy, even though it is already over 30 years is very noble and honourable, and my heartfelt thanks for this window to Sabra and Shatilla.
The world did not know this terrible thing happened due to severe biased press censoreship. May these wonderful ladies and all thos who helped the people during the years of suffering be rewarded and continue to share with others what they learned and experienced.
For as many people to know and learn from this history lesson.

Well done

Many thanks for this excellent exhibition telling the story of the brave women in Shatila.
The tragic events of Sabra and Shatila are not really known to people here in Ireland or Europe.
I just hope exhibitions like this and the 30th anniversary of the massacre of 1982 will wake people up to what happened and to the current situation with Palestinian refugee's in Lebanon today.
Will this exhibition travel to other destinations outside of Finland?

Eamonn Sheehy

GREAT PROJECT!!!! Truly enjoyed it.
Veronica Sanchis Bencomo

A wonderful project. I congratulate you all. I was in University with Mikko - his images are powerful.
Hywel Harris

Very beautiful and poignant pictures and remarks. Magnificent really. Hopefully, this exhibit can move around to other countries (maybe to the U.S.) - it is a great way to remember the 30th anniversary. Thank you.
Ellen Siegel

Kiitos näyttelystä. Se herätti toivoa ihmisluonteen vahvuudesta hirvitystenkin keskellä. Koskettava näyttely. Suosittelen kaikille!
Kaisa Berg

Brave girls of Shatilla are 30 years later serious and still going strong. The exhibition gives a feeling that despite the mad world the human potential can act calm and determined.
Huolimatta rankasta aiheesta näyttelystä välittyy tunnelma, että nämä naiset toimivat rauhallisesti ja päättäväisesti. Esimerkillistä auttamistyötä.
Kiitoksia paljon! Sirkku Kivistö
Sirkku Kivistö

Kiitos näyttelystä! Pidin erityisesti selkeästä esillepanosta. Ei turhia, hyvät kuvat ja selvä sanoma!
Riitta Päätalo

Kauniita kuvia. Kauniita sieluja. Rumassa, mutta samalla niin kauniissa maailmassa.
Carita Lindholm

I'm thankful this project raises awareness of this tragedy from the standpoint of hope and courage displayed by the women who fought the war with empathy and sense of community rather than violence. The world stands to learn a lot from their example.